“Diesel” Engine and Mysterious Death.!

Rudolf Christian Carl Diesel was a wonderful man who invented new things. He is brave if he overcame all this because he has experienced many of life’s worst evils. Carl Diesel would thus be a marvelously courageous man. But if one of his contemporaries says he is proud and over-thinking, sorry, he has tried to coax the words into a more polite way. Because the vast majority would say, he was a madman. Consider a household that gave birth to a child who was born into poverty. Imagine a three-year-old infant carrying a professional bookseller’s father-bound bookcase in a lake barrow. Just a dozen years ago, a little boy sent to his uncle to see a father. You will see Carl Diesel’s childhood.

Patent for Diesel with its New Engine!

Thus, Carl was born to a German couple in France when their second child was born and grew up in a neighboring house. Carl was forced to flee to London with his parents when the French-Prussian War broke out when he was a child. His Uncle was a math teacher. Carl has arrived at the Golden Temple. A devout pilgrim swallows the arithmetic of the altar. Carl has wiped out the dust and started brainstorming! At the age of fourteen, he wrote to his mother. ‘Mother, let me become an engineer!’ ‘Shameless child, home time! Daddy’s here alone. ‘ Carl was stubborn. Learn. I will not go back. That’s why Carl enrolled at Augsburg Technical College with his uncle’s help. After two years of being the best student in the class, Carl Diesel has passed all levels. Carl Diesel, a scholarship to the Royal Polytechnic University of Munich, graduated from the University of Munich in January 1880, shaking the sphere of creative intelligence.

Immediately after completing your education is a job. Professor Carl von Linde, the inventor of the refrigerator, has recruited his best-known disciple, the director of his factory in Paris. Carl Diesel of Paris was born in love. Such a love affair has created a beautiful girl named Martha Pasche, who has three beautiful children. The boys were two and One beautiful girl. He had begun to feel the warmth of some unfamiliar household, the strange wonder of life. This may have improved his creative thinking. This is because by 1892 he was able to achieve the peak of his designs by producing the first pioneering engine in the current diesel engine.

It is a wonderful creation. The composer is a wonderful man in the literal sense of the word. The new engine had many things to improve, but the amount of work it could take. The patented certified Carl Diesel sow harvested it. Diesel engines were being manufactured around the world and were not used for any vehicle, but many of these industries made it easier and increased their efficiency. The money was flowing from the four corners of the world to Carl Diesel. The man born in poverty has been elevated to the power of his courage as a wealthy man.

Dear friends, identify with Carl Diesel.

Diesel’s patent expired in 1912. Anyone living anywhere in the world can now change the diesel engine. The pieces can be removed, removed, or at least modified. This made Carl a little tense. In the last few years, he had little to do with the engine. The other engineers who worked with him were responsible for his conviction. They don’t have the intelligence to make up for what Carl calls them. His subordinate engineer was outraged. Factories are also responsible for these. The raw materials they use must be cheap. They must not understand my plans. Carl’s thoughtful. The outrage is on factory owners. Further work with Carl Diesel was complicated.

Friends, look at the beginning, Carl Diesel has earned that introduction now! Carl Diesel left for Belgium on September 29, 1913, leaving a luxury cruise ship named Dresden. Preparing for an important business meeting in England, he had dinner around 10 pm and left the cabin room to wake up at 6.15 am the next day. Carl Diesel was never seen alive again. In the empty cabin room, there was no evidence that Carl had ever slept. The bed linen was the same as the evening before, and the night clothes were folded and placed on the bed. The watch was placed side by side, and the helmet was found near the well-worn coat. There was no hint, testimony, or guess. Ultimately, however, the well-known inventor Rodolf Christian Carl Diesel disappeared between 10 pm and 29pm on September 29, 1913, at around 6:15 am in a safe ship on the English Channel.

There were times when nothing could be imagined. Ten days later, a group of Dutch fishermen found a dead body floating in the North Sea near the Norwegian border. They found a medicine sheath, a penknife, and a hoodlum in the clothes of the body, which had become so swollen and decaying that they could not be identified. The father left the shore to sail to the beach, leaving the corpse to decay and dissolve. Carl Diesel’s son Eugene, who searched for the fishermen on October 13, determined that all of them were belonging to his father and that the unidentified body floating in the sea was probably Carl Diesel’s. On the 14th, the dead body was discovered in the North Sea, near the mouth of the Sheltered Estuary in Belgium. That was the last time I got information about Carl Diesel or his body or anything connected to it!

What did Carl Diesel experience in the midnight mass on September 29, when his fate was resolved? Did anyone lift him up and throw him overboard? The friend who came to the cure of the nightmares, the breeze of the cold sea breeze and the warmth of a smoke throat in the moonlight? Was Carl exhausted by the intense tension, depression, or competitive anxiety Carl had been waiting for, let alone letting go of his painful life, at the bottom of the ocean, letting go of it?

I think Carl may have screamed for help in the last breath of a deadly orgasm, which was bone marrow, the warmth of the blood spilling out in the veins, and the clattering of ice-cold water. The voice rang out of the diesel engine, and the large vessel sank into the water. Carl had left his wife’s luggage just moments before boarding the ship, advising not to go for more than two weeks. At the end of two weeks, Martha, one of the obedient tamers, opened up about the sealing of the bag. There were two hundred thousand mark marks, securely packed and bundled. ($ 1.2 million at present value) A few days later, I found his diary at Carl’s study desk, and there was a line in front of it, clearly marked crossed on the 29th of September !!

Diesel engine model of 25 horsepower.

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