The Curse of the Tutankhamun!

Before you read this post please read the “The story of Tutankhamun, Egypt’s youngest ruler! and the “in the tomb of the tutankhamun”

It is widely accepted in ancient times that the called a most trusted person and showed him a  large amount of treasures, and he was lusting for it and immediately killing him, then he will become a gnome. The pirates earned a vast fortune and were law-abiding and workers who could not afford to consume a piece of that money for their consumption. Often they hid that treasure in a landscape known only to themselves. It is for future use. At the same time, they set up deadly traps that would cause instant death if anyone other than them approached. They hoped that no one would be able to get away from it. Humans are always looking to protect their possessions and to protect them from everyone else.

 Englishman Howard Carter was well aware that the mighty Egyptian Pharaoh was no exception, and he did not give up on searching for the tomb, as curiosity had risen. Lord Carnarvon, who invested the entire project and went to London and he told Howard to let him know the first sign of the tomb, and he stayed in London and dreamed about a gold mine.

 As of November 2, 1922, the workers had begun their work, and their intention was to go as deep as possible before noon. Some who have been exhausted by this task for several months, look at Carter and bitterly scold him in his native tongue. But Unaware of that and replied with a smile. Carter arranged for a break from work until the evening, when the sun was hotter than ever, and he was immediately drawn to a worker’s scream. At the top of the tomb is reached. Carter immediately stopped all work and sent a messenger to his home to inform to Lord Carnarvon.

 About an hour later, the worker came to the house and was stunned for a moment by the inhuman voice released from the basement. About a second later, he could see that Carter’s cute dog had fallen down, and the unknown giant snake slowly moving away from catching a bird from its nest. That the divine creature that sustains Pharaoh’s eternal sleep is the serpent The snake carries the first message of horror to the, and the folk who heard it from the childhood know that the servant has no need of evidence beyond that and that a great curse has been open on the world. He never stepped into the valley of kings again, and as he was an ordinary Egyptian, little is known about him.

 The lord Caernarvon had arrived in Egypt within a few weeks, and the excavation work continued. As we have already noted, you may well remember how Lord Carter followed behind Carter in search of the golden dome after the first door was opened at the foot of the stairs. There he was accompanied by a newspaper reporter, H.H. V. Mr. Morton, and Carter said, “This will be done in six weeks.” He smiled, and his face was a greedy, angry smile.

 Then it took several weeks. The lord awakened in the morning and was shaving. He was excited because today is the day the door to the crematorium (the second chamber of the tomb complex) opens. While shaving, his left cheek was bitten by a mosquito, and he ignored it and went back to his daily routine. By the next day, his cheeks had become numb, a small puffy blister had appeared. Within two days, he was in bed with a fever, and he was undergoing treatment by all known doctors and best doctors for any germ that spread throughout his body. Finally, Lord Carter lamented at the Cairo National Hospital, weeping like a dog. It’s said that the lights in the entire city of Cairo were switched off for a moment. Meanwhile, his pet dog, Suzy, who lived in London, was left with like lamentation over the night. The Lord told Morton that the six weeks had ended by midnight that day!

 The body of Tutankhamun was later opened, and a new stream of blood was said to have been drilled through a hole in its left cheek. The story of Tutankhamun’s curse was spreading throughout the world, and scholars have often expressed their opinion. All of this intensified with the assertion that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had said, “The root of the three thousand year curse with the door of the tomb was scattered throughout the world.”

 While those who did not believe in the curse, Sir Bruce Ingram was one of them. He went in search of his friend, Howard Carter, to find out the point, and to find that it was false. Carter showed a mummified hand found in the tomb, and his attention was drawn to something engraved on it. It was written, “If I am rescued from my sound sleep, I will be tormented by fire and water.” Ingram, who had a laughing, and stocked hand in it, went out of his way, mocking him for keeping it a burden for paper. In a few days, Ingram’s cozy home was burned to ashes and later flooded when it was rebuilt.

 The curse was next discovered by Colonel Aubrey Herbert, brother of Lord Connerwon. He was referring to the deformed incisors of the toothachemen and said that it was better to be blind than to see them. The Colonel, who had no vision problems beyond the slightest, was completely blind in a few days. Doctors have informed that some of the teeth on the upper jaw that was once rotten were blocked by the optic nerve. With the consent of the colonel, the teeth were removed one by one, but the sight was not restored. Instead, he was tragically killed by a sterile tooth removal, and it was like the lord’s miserable death.

 A few months after that incident, another archaeologist, Hugh Evelyn White, who entered the tomb with Carter, committed suicide by hanging himself on the roof of his bedroom. He had his blood written on the white wall in front of it. ‘I can no longer live because the curse has consumed me.’ His behavior during the last few days was so amazing that He had decided to leave his life before doing anything about it. The next victim of curse hunt was George J. Gould, and all those who disturbed its deadly silence were still being hunted down. George, is the wealthy man, had become a millionaire by railroads across America, and for no particular reason, and he decided to see the Tutankhamun, and  He returned to Egypt and inspected the tomb, where he uttered some indignant words about the stagnant air. He died astonishingly in France in a few days and was later pronounced dead on medical examination as a result of blood flow to the lungs.

 Aaron Ember was one of the few who first visited the tomb and loved history. After his initial inspection, he returned to the United States, living a peaceful life in his home in Baltimore. At the request of the university, he began to compose his work on the Egyptian experience. The end of it was visible, and he named it “The Egyptian Book of the Dead”. He had just finished the final chapter and had just come to attend downstairs an evening party organized by his wife. A massive fire erupted in his room, and the whole house was burned. Aaron survived without paying his compensation, and after that incident, he did not say a word about the deads.

 Behind Howard Carter boldly entered the graveyard was Richard Bethel, a personal correspondent of Lord Carnarvon, Who had no enemies, and his body, which was strangled, and it was found in the hotel room during the third stage of the tomb. Sir Archbald Douglas Reed was commissioned to carry out the X-Ray portrait of Tuton’s mummified remains after opening the lone gold shield. On the third day after completing it, he became mysteriously ill and died the same day before finding any cause. In addition, Richard Luttrell, who entered the tomb, jumped from the seventh floor of the hotel and suicide. Prince Ali Kamal of Egypt shot dead by wife Sir Lee Stack was also killed in a train in Cairo. Carter passed away during the excavation of the A. C. Mace arsenic poisoning.

 Howard Carter, who unearthed the tomb, unlocked its seal, opened the portal, entered it first, touched the bodies of all, and lived without any interference. Some refer to its previous deaths not happened due to curse. But the only question that should be asked is for those who have died from a curse, such (as an aspergillus), or any physical cause, such as poisonous gas. The reason why Carter did not die before everyone else was. No one has ever been able to answer that, and even to this day, materialists are in looking for a scientific explanation. Did Carter really escape the curse? I say no to it. Imagine, even though Carter never succumbed to the curse, he spent 17 years dwelling among ancient objects, inhaling stagnant air, Isn’t it a curse to spend a quarter of their lives in an ancient tomb under the sand?

That did not end there. After years of strenuous monotonous work and over 8000 artifacts that were systematically and detailed to the world, this man suffered a severe cancer of the lymph nodes a few years later, in 1939, suffering a painful, long, painful death. They had left the room in an apartment. A man who has amassed billions of resources and objects with his fingers, but he is not consumption even penny. In the battle of death, he does not even have a warm human touch, and finally, his last breath was blended into the air. If it is not a curse, then I would say that your mind who is arguing about what kind of luck is that? you should think the answer

 The story of the humans’ life shrouded in the shadow of the curse of the Tutankhamun ended. I warn you that you have been born with many problems in your mind and some that may have been a curse for years. To a materialist’s mind this would be thoughts of as a collection of coincidences!

 The story of Tutankhamun concluded in three parts. put in your comment below

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