Bluetooth born in Viking unity!

United Viking State made by Harold Bluetooth!

By AD 900, the Vikings were divided into smaller tribes and scattered throughout the Scandinavian territory, creating smaller local units, with no monarch. It is in this context that AD. In 910, Harold Gormson (Gorham’s son Harold), who was born to King Gorm and the queen of the German princess Tyra, died in his father’s death. In 935, the king. In keeping with the father’s idea of uniting all the tribes, he united many tribes by peace, or scandal, and, most importantly, marriage, to form a single country.

Then Harold, married to his sister, Gunhild, who became king of Norway and was known to have killed the enemy with the sword, began to form friendships with the Norwegian tribes. “Erik,” who left England, another tribal society that was not a monarch, died there, and Gorme’s son Harold succeeded his sister’s son Harold alias Harold Gray-Klok after a great battle that left the throne of Norway empty. it was Harold Gray-Klok, who was not allowed to study for a long time, was murdered by no one, and his sister, Harold Gormson, managed to create a great kingdom with Norway and Denmark. Harold Gormson, who built a great kingdom by forming a close-knit community together, became known as ‘Harold’ or ‘Blue Tooth’ or ‘Harold’ because of his rotten and darkened tooth. C. In 986, Bluetooth ruled for seventy-six years and ruled in peace and united the country, leaving its blue earth to decay and die.

It took a thousand years!

It was 1997. Several competing companies around the same terrain are constantly researching a more advanced and faster data exchange system for connecting people. But if they can improve it by joining together rather than competing with each other, then all their companies will be able to use it, and they will find it easy to use, even among different phone and communication device users! So Ericsson, Nokia, Intel, IBM, and Toshiba merged to form the SIG (Special Interest Group).

They named the project ‘Bluetooth’ to commemorate the man who united mankind on the Scandinavian territory and invented a technology that could connect people together in a short period. The project was a success, . It was decided to launch its latest technology, the Personal Area Network (PAN). However, PAN is never quite as attractive as the word “Bluetooth,” so they decide to invent new technology in the form of temporary project names. So, as soon as you name it, you can imagine the Bluetooth gorgeous emblem, beautifully crafted with the letters “H” and “B” in the ancient Viking script to remind you of the name ‘Harold Bluetooth.’ (I will attach a detailed diagram above)

Harold Bluetooth brought together many tribes and built a well-organized country. But the stubborn, arrogant tribe was left united. Like a rotten apple in a fruit bag, all gathered, but you know perfectly well that a monster who can’t keep up with it can still survive an unreasonable search and pay for it! 



" Thus you and I,  Bluetooth are among us that we use every day. Harold's 'blue" tooth was gone buried to grounded, but 'Bluetooth' remained in the air!" 

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