History of Belo monte dam – Tuira Kayapo

Tuira Kayapo, the indigenous Kayapa tribal leader of the Amazon, who met the multinational engineer, built a hydroelectric power plant at the Belle Monte Dam to block its homeland, Shingu River. She took the knife in her hand and pressed it three times on his cheek, saying, “You are a liar! We don’t want your electricity. Let our rivers flow freely. Our future depends on it and not on the electricity you are going to build. Let us freely roam around our homeland and live life on the hunt. Go back to the small town where you take your machines.

The whole world was shaken by the authenticity of her death threat in front of international media reporters, and The IMF had no choice but to cancel the project’s financial aid. The power plant project, which was to begin in 1989, was hampered then Until the heat of the protest subsided, the deceivers resumed the project in 2011 and unexpectedly completed the project rapidly by the end of 2016. 

Belo monte dam now

At the end of the project, the Dos Canis Reservoir, 108 square kilometers across the Belo Monte and Bella Vista dams, which crossed the Shingu River, was completed, and the 333-square-kilometer Greater Kalha Do Shingu Reservoir, across the Pimentel Dam, was completed. finally all the trees,animals an unidentified tribal population was drowned in their homeland.

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